Here's what Parents and Teachers are saying about Max & Min Maths Club:

Kylie"With Max & Min Maths Club you're onto something great, my daughter really loves it. She's in year 1 and likes watching the videos, she goes on it for over an hour at a time. With the quizzes at the end of each video, she re-does the questions she gets wrong and likes that she can better her score and she is obviously learning. She also does some year 2 stuff."
Kylie, Parent


Kaamila"My son is home schooled and we find this resource to be very easy to use. It uses stories and animation to cover the relevant content and this makes it clear and detailed all the while keeping him engaged. I can see us continuing to use it as part of our lessons and highly recommend it."
Kaamila - Home Schooling Parent


Aaron"As both a primary school teacher and parent of three I have often found educational resources to be all too frequently complex, ineffective in their delivery or lacking focus in what they set out to achieve with learning outcomes. With Max & Min Maths Club I have a resource that is effective in its simplicity, allows for diverse learning needs and focuses on the key strength of visual aids when modelling to children. Max & Min Maths Club removes the ineffective bloat that exists on many other competing sites and educational resources and enables students to be active, independent and engaged in their own learning. I use the videos frequently in my professional practice to prepare, practice and inform students and make me a more efficient educator. Quizzes and downloadable charts provide simple assessment methods that my students can follow in their own time and reduce my daily workload."
Aaron, Primary School Assistant Principal and Parent


Ashleigh"As a primary school teacher I found Max & Min Maths Club really easy to navigate, very clear and easy to follow. It's great that the videos are organised by syllabus outcome, it makes it much easier to search for the video that matches what you are teaching for the day. I really like that the videos are linked to known strategies for counting – using fingers and real world experiences. The quizzes are great for a whole class Smart Board activity, really good to assess new knowledge. I love how Max & Min Maths Club is so interactive and visual for the kids."
Ashleigh, Primary School Teacher and Parent


Stephanie"Max & Min Maths Club is an awesome concept - I have never seen anything like this before. As a teacher I can see how these videos can have multiple uses in the classroom. Definitely whole class, and also small groups on the iPads - so great for differentiation!"
Stephanie - Primary School Teacher and Parent


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