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Boost the Maths Confidence and Results of Your 4-14 Year Old Kids No Matter What Level They're At Now.

Dear Parent,

Thanks for your interest in this great new Aussie resource to help your 4 to 14 year olds really understand and get confident with Maths. I won't keep you all parents you're probably flat out doing all the family and household stuff you have to do.... running your kids around all over the place while keeping them safe.... planning meals, shopping, cooking, housework, etc, etc.... maybe going to work to pay the bills and perhaps save for a decent holiday....

Overworked keeping up with friends and family on the weekends in between kids sport.... trying to keep up with the education of your kids and how they're going at school.... maybe trying to help with homework when you can.... doing all this STUFF in the limited time you have, and still having some quiet time for yourself....

And trust me, I completely know what that feels like....

So, when it comes to the Maths progress of your kids, you need something that will:

  • help your kids better understand the Maths they're being taught at school
  • keep your kids engaged and interested in the Maths instead of getting bored and quitting
  • cover all the outcomes required by the Australian Maths Curriculum and ideally be created by experienced Australian classroom Teachers
  • keep track of all the activities attempted and completed by your kids
  • help your kids prepare more thoroughly for their NAPLAN tests
  • be easy for your kids to start using, no matter how young they are and without supervision if necessary, literally within seconds of getting access to it
  • make it very easy for you to help your kids when you can without worrying about teaching them the wrong method or wrong content
  • cater for all abilities so kids stay interested and are challenged whatever their level of understanding and however good they are at Maths
  • School boy
  • boost the Maths confidence of your kids so they're better prepared for, and get better marks in, their Maths Assessments at school
  • show your kids how Maths is applied in the real world
  • be available 24/7, be web-based, and work on all devices
  • be reasonably priced.... hopefully a lot less than the $40-50 per hour charged by tutors!

Which is why I've put together a new Maths website called Max & Min Maths Club which will give you ALL of the above PLUS....

  • 140 animated colour videos featuring twins Max and Min who learn, along with your own kids, in a clear and patient style, the whole F-6 Maths Curriculum via their adventures and activities with family and friends
  • 140 charts, each linked to a video, which add to and consolidate the concepts taught in the videos
  • 140 online quizzes, each linked to a video, containing 1400 questions with audio files which read questions and answers for kids who cannot read, and teach correct Maths literacy, spelling and pronunciation
  • Optional captions in all 140 videos are ideal for silent viewing, for kids with hearing loss, or for kids whose first language is not English.
  • An Activities dashboard which keeps track of all the videos watched and quizzes done with best scores, dates and number of attempts listed
  • All these resources are organised and numbered into 7 ability levels (Foundation to Year 6) each covering the whole Australian F-6 Maths Curriculum within 7 topic areas, and there is a comprehensive Search Function to make finding concepts and topics very quick
  • All these resources focus on Maths uderstanding and confidence, making them ideal for NAPLAN preparation
  • As comprehensive as this website is to engage older students, it's been specifically designed to be as simple and fast as possible to enable a 4 year old to use it with little adult supervision

I believe is a site your kids and you will find very helpful....

.....Let me explain.

Len FarrugiaHi, my name is Len Farrugia. I was born and educated in Sydney, and since the 1980's I've worked in city and regional areas both as a qualified Maths Teacher and registered Architect, while raising two kids with my wife Sue.

Perhaps an unusual combination, however my skills have enabled me to lead an awesome team of other Teachers, Graphic and Cartoon Artists, Web Designers and Marketers to create this great resource for your kids and you at

Get Access To Everything In The Site For One Year For Just $24.99

Here's the story....

I think we can agree that too many Australian kids have low Maths confidence....that too many are struggling with numeracy as a result....just look at our national NAPLAN results....

I truly believe that lasting confidence can only come from solid understanding, I'm really passionate about that.

Max and Min Maths Club logoThat's why I've just spent 2 years creating Max & Min Maths Club with my team of educators, graphic artists and IT professionals to give your kids a unique Aussie resource so you can help them.... REALLY understand and be comfortable with Maths, whatever their level right now, from Foundation (Kinder/Prep/PrePr/Recept/Trans) to Year 6 level. Kids in Junior High School who are struggling with Maths, or have special needs, will also benefit from going back to basics and starting to REALLY understand numbers for the first time.

Research and experience have shown that kids love animations and are very much engaged by them....they're even happy to watch them multiple your kids will increase their Maths understanding and boost their Maths confidence as they enjoy the adventures and activities of Max and Min and their family and friends.

The 140 Max & Min Maths Club animated videos cover the whole Australian F-6 Maths Curriculum and are divided into 7 Topic Areas:

  • 1. Whole Numbers
  • 2. Addition & Subtraction
  • 3. Multiplication & Division
  • 4. Fractions & Decimals
  • 5. Patterns & Algebra
  • 6. Measurement & Geometry
  • 7. Data & Chance

Each Topic Area is covered by multiple animated videos, ranging from Foundation (Kinder/Prep/PrePr/Recept/Trans) level through to Year 6 level, so your kids can engage with Max & Min Maths Club at whatever level they need to for each Maths concept.

All 140 Max & Min Maths Club animated videos come with a Chart in PDF form which can be downloaded and printed. These Charts add to and/or consolidate the teaching covered in the videos.

All 140 Max & Min Maths Club animated videos come with an online Multiple Choice Quiz, including 1400 questions and 1400 audio files your kids can easily click on, to hear questions and answers read out for those who can't read and/or to reinforce correct Maths literacy, spelling and pronunciation of Maths terms.

The Max & Min Maths Club website also gives you and your kids a comprehensive Search Function that very quickly finds the videos which feature the key words and concepts searched, making it great to use when they want to be found FAST.


After purchasing access to Max & Min Maths Club, use it as much as you and your kids like and if for any reason you don't think the videos, charts and quizzes will engage your kids and boost their Maths confidence and results.... no problem, you can cancel online at any time during the first month and we will refund your money in full, no questions asked.

Get Access To Everything In The Site For One Year For Just $24.99

Here's what Parents and Teachers are saying about Max & Min Maths Club:

Kylie"With Max & Min Maths Club you're onto something great, my daughter really loves it. She's in year 1 and likes watching the videos, she goes on it for over an hour at a time. With the quizzes at the end of each video, she re-does the questions she gets wrong and likes that she can better her score and she is obviously learning. She also does some year 2 stuff."
Kylie, Parent


Kaamila"My son is home schooled and we find this resource to be very easy to use. It uses stories and animation to cover the relevant content and this makes it clear and detailed all the while keeping him engaged. I can see us continuing to use it as part of our lessons and highly recommend it."
Kaamila - Home Schooling Parent


Aaron"As both a primary school teacher and parent of three I have often found educational resources to be all too frequently complex, ineffective in their delivery or lacking focus in what they set out to achieve with learning outcomes. With Max & Min Maths Club I have a resource that is effective in its simplicity, allows for diverse learning needs and focuses on the key strength of visual aids when modelling to children. Max & Min Maths Club removes the ineffective bloat that exists on many other competing sites and educational resources and enables students to be active, independent and engaged in their own learning. I use the videos frequently in my professional practice to prepare, practice and inform students and make me a more efficient educator. Quizzes and downloadable charts provide simple assessment methods that my students can follow in their own time and reduce my daily workload."
Aaron, Primary School Assistant Principal and Parent


Ashleigh"As a primary school teacher I found Max & Min Maths Club really easy to navigate, very clear and easy to follow. It's great that the videos are organised by syllabus outcome, it makes it much easier to search for the video that matches what you are teaching for the day. I really like that the videos are linked to known strategies for counting – using fingers and real world experiences. The quizzes are great for a whole class Smart Board activity, really good to assess new knowledge. I love how Max & Min Maths Club is so interactive and visual for the kids."
Ashleigh, Primary School Teacher and Parent


Stephanie"Max & Min Maths Club is an awesome concept - I have never seen anything like this before. As a teacher I can see how these videos can have multiple uses in the classroom. Definitely whole class, and also small groups on the iPads - so great for differentiation!"
Stephanie - Primary School Teacher and Parent


Want to get immediate access to Max & Min Maths Club right now?....

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I urge you to encourage your kids to use the animated videos, charts and quizzes to see firsthand just how effective they can be for engaging young students.

And I almost forgot....when you get 24/7 online access to Max & Min Maths Club, you'll be able to download and keep 3 BONUSES from the Resources menu:

F-6 Maths Milestones coverBONUS #1 - The Australian F-6 Maths Curriculum includes a surprisingly large amount of content - you might even be shocked to see how much. I wrote "F-6 Maths Milestones" to particularly help parents and students get their heads around exactly what Maths every Aussie kid is supposed to know by the time they get to Year 7.


Max & Min's Intro to Junior High AlgebraBONUS #2 - I recently made a 9 minute animated video called "Max & Min's Intro to Junior High Algebra" which covers concepts from the Patterns & Algebra topic leading into the simple Algebra taught in Years 7 and 8 Maths. This video is especially useful for challenging the brighter Year 5 and 6 students, or for Year 7 and 8 students who need to better understand the basics of Algebra.


5 Number Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier BONUS #3 - My son Luke is a logical thinker and he's my go-to person when it comes to anything computers. He's also great with people and loves helping others. Just for the fun of it, and to teach you some new ways to know and use numbers, Luke has put together..."5 Number Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier (Even If You're Bad At Maths)".


Get Access To Everything In The Site For One Year For Just $24.99

P.S. Remember, Max & Min Maths Club is a 24/7 online resource designed specifically to help your kids understand and learn the Australian F-6 Maths Curriculum. Click here now to immediately access Max & Min Maths Club.