Frequently Asked Questions

How can my school or class get free trial logins for 1 month?

Any school or class which has not already been given free student/teacher logins to trial the Max & Min Maths Club website, is eligible to apply for one month's free, no obligation, 24/7 online access for students and their teachers. There is no limit to the number of students eligible for free trial logins. Just follow these steps:

1. Click on Contact in the top menu bar

2. Type in your name and school-based email address

3. Choose the School Enquiry topic and provide the little extra info requested

4. In the message box, let us know desired classes, student numbers and their teacher names/emails, as follows:
Yr 1, 24 students, teacher Mary Smith,
Yr 5/6, 27 students, teachers David Jones, and Tanya Brown,

5. Click on the Submit button

Within a few days we will email you your free student/teacher trial logins. After your trial month expires, class sets of student logins can be purchased at our school discounted rate including free logins for their class teachers.

I'm a teacher who has, or previously had, a free trial login to Max & Min Maths Club. How can I continue, or re-establish access once my free trial has expired?

If you are a teacher who has, or previously had, a free trial login to Max & Min Maths Club, there are two ways you can continue, or re-establish access once your free trial has expired, as follows:

1. If you wish to continue having free access to Max & Min Maths Club with your class of student logins attached, then your school will need to purchase (at our school discount rate) the class set via our site Contact > School Enquiry page, with the following information included:
Your class name (e.g. Yr 2 Blue), the number of students in your class, and the name and email address of their class teacher(s), i.e. you and any other teachers with whom you may share the class.

2. If you wish to have access to Max & Min Maths Club without a class set of student logins attached, then you need to log in to our site using your free trial login, go to Account > Plan Details > Renew or Change Your Plan and pay for a 1 Kid subscription for $24.99 using PayPal or a credit card. Note that if you do not use your existing login to enter our site, you can still purchase a new login for $24.99 however you'll have to use a different email address.

My child is in Year 8 and struggling with Maths. Would this website help them?

Often students in Junior High School struggle in Maths because, for whatever reason, they weren’t able to build Maths confidence and/or knowledge in their Primary School years. It’s never too late to re-visit the Primary School Maths Curriculum to gain the Maths confidence and knowledge they now lack. Max and Min Maths Club can definitely help with this.

I have a suggestion that I think might improve Max & Min Maths Club. How can I contact you?

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your support and any suggestions you may have. Please go to our Contact page via the link in our website’s main menu. There you can click on Feedback/Suggestion in the Select a topic drop-down menu. Once you have written your message in the box, just click on the Submit button and we will get your feedback immediately via email.

I've purchased multiple logins for my account, how do I manage them?

1 to 4 logins can be purchased for each account at (for more than 4 please contact us). When you buy multiple logins, you need to take the following steps on the site to activate them:

1. Log in as yourself and go to Account > Group Details

Note that your name (which you used to purchase the logins) will be shown as the Owner of the group of logins. Owner details are in the Profile page and the Owner has overall control of the Account. The Owner will also have access to the activity of all Group Members via the Activity Dashboard (once the other Members are activated).

2. To activate the other logins, you need to add Group Members from the bottom half of the page, adding names (usually the kids’ names) and allocating logins and passwords. You can make the logins and passwords as simple as you like (including using numbers), but the login can’t already be in use by somebody else.

3. Note that the Owner can change their own password any time from the Profile page while passwords of other Members can be changed any time in the list of Group Members.

4. As soon as the extra logins are allocated to the new Members, they can log in to separately using their own login/password combination. When one of these Members accesses their own login, they will have access to all Max & Min Maths Club resources, however they will not have access to the Account page, and they will have access to only their own Activity Dashboard.

How can I speed up or slow down a Max & Min Maths Club video while watching it?

Click or tap on the “Settings” icon (which looks like a cog) at the bottom right of the video. Select the “Speed” option, then choose a speed from 0.5x (half normal speed) to 2x (double normal speed).

How can I turn a video's closed captions (subtitles) on or off?

Click or tap on the “Show captions menu” icon (looks like cc in a box). Select “English” to turn captions on. Select “Off” to turn captions off. On a computer there’s also a “Search Video” option which enables you to read through all the captions and jump to a point in the video based on a caption.

How do I get a refund and/or cancel my access?

At Max & Min Maths Club, we give a 100% Unconditional Guarantee that you can, for any reason, cancel your access to our site and get a full refund any time within your first month.

You can cancel or change your site access any time by logging in to Max & Min Maths Club, going to the Account page and clicking on Plan Details. There, you’ll be able to Change or Cancel your access plan. Note that Cancelling your plan sets up your account to expire and not renew at the end of your year’s access.

If you are still in your first month of joining, you can also request a full refund of your money by going to the Contact page, choosing ‘Account/Billing’ in the ‘Select a topic’ drop-down, and letting us know you’d like a refund. The refund normally resolves within 5 business days.